Thank you for a wonderful and truly inclusive day of music and dance you gave to our children. All the staff were buzzing as well as the children! Your skill at teaching the children the drumming and dance was amazing and thoroughly enjoyed by the looks on their faces! All the children, staff and parents in both schools were included and participated which was a delight to watch. I cannot praise you enough. The day ran seamlessly because of your level of organisation and skills. Adan (the real dancing boy!) cried until 5 o'clock because the show was over!! I have attached the news letter about your day here which will go on our web site and the Heads of both schools are going to tell other Heads in the area about your company.
Kinney Kath
The Kingsbury Charitable Fund

Children’s comments
Year 2 : The acting was really good because we got to take part. It was exciting. Fantastic. It was awesome especially the things (curios) that he brought in to show us. I like the story. I loved the curios. We learned about all different things that happened in history in Africa like the man that was very old. It was funny. It was fun.
Year 3: The man who told the story was a good story teller, they thought he was funny. The children really enjoyed being part of the story and joining in with the actions.
Year 4 & 5 Pearl/Opal: I like the drum because it was very loud. I like the drum because you could change the tone of the sound. I like the fruit because it was very realistic. I liked everything because it was good to see things from other cultures. I like the fake fruit. It’s great. My favourite is the guitar. I like the basket because you can see how people carry things in Africa. I really like the horsetail. I like the bracelet because of the beautiful beads. I love how everything is made out of beads. The drum makes a good rhythm. I liked the patterns of the African objects. I really liked looking at the colours on the shields. I loved trying on all the jewellery. We learned about blending and mixing colours to make patterns for clothes.
Elizabeth Davies
Manor Park Primary school Sutton

Yes the workshop day went extremely well; the children and staff were were very enthusiastic about both the dancing and drumming sessions. We originally had a few reluctant children who were self conscious about the dancing and were thinking about not joining in however, Lydia and her colleagues made them feel very comfortable and pitched the dance moves at just the right level but difficult enough to keep them going for the whole hour session! The drumming sessions were also a huge success, keeping the children entertained and disciplined. The staff commented on how the day ran so smoothly that they were able to join in too, without needed to worry about behaviour. Both dance and drumming catered for all the children including a wheelchair bound child. The dance moves were adapted for him to be able to do them and he had easy access to the drums. Thank you to the staff for an enjoyable day!
Wolsey Infant and Nursery School

Year 1SC enjoyed the dance. The loved the steps and the music. I am very pleased with the outcome of the workshop. Children were talking about it and still remember what they did on the day. Lydia was very good with the children. She approached the children really well with a sense of humour. Her instructions were easy and clear for younger children. She modelled the dance steps really well and demonstrated this throughout. Year 1SC enjoyed the KS2 performance at the end of the day. It was fun and something that children will remember. The workshop is a very good way to introduce another culture to the children!
Sharan Kang
Khalsa Primary School

Hi Lydia,
How have you been? I hope that all is well for you. I just wanted to say a big thank you on behalf of the staff,relatives and residents at Queens wood road.
It was very kind of you to attend and entertain us- as we celebrated Black history month.The energy and enthusiasm you showed is a proof that you thoroughly love your job.The residents enjoyed every aspect of the day and have spoken highly about it to the wider group so perhaps Radian support may consider inviting you to another bigger event.
Attached please find pictures taken on the day.Due to confidentiality and Data protection I have only attached photos of yourself,myself and staff who are happy for me to do so. Many thanks Milly Bizimana
Assistant Manager
Radian Support
1 Queens wood Road
GU21 8xJ

Dear Malaika
That was a very good session of Story Telling, African Dance and African Drumming, all the Children really enjoyed themselves, Angella who is always very quite is the one that amazed everyone. The facilitators have a way of engaging with students in a very special way. We were all impressed and are very looking forward to work with you again.
Aggre Obonyo
Luo Social Forum