About Us

Malaika Dance Unique is an artistic company based in the UK that deals in various forms of African art work. We provide education and entertainment activities ranging from African Dancing, Acting, Drumming, Tie & Dye, Mask Making, Collage, Batics and Storytelling for Schools, Colleges, universities, teachers, Care homes, hospices, libraries, communities groups, private parties, churches and any special event.

Lydia Tett Olet, the founder and director of Malaika Dance Unique, the company was created in the year 2008 after working with different organisations: Them mushrooms, Jabali Africa, Adzido Pan African Dance Ensemble, Sundance with Patti Boulage, African Heritage Ceremics, Iroko Theatre Company, Bantu Arts, ACD Arts, Global Fusion and MDD Company. At present the writer and director of the Kenyan first ever theatre play "The Darkest Hours Of Victory": right now am running Malaika Dance Unique:

What we offer is a unique opportunity, not to just learn, but also to take something away with you. Malaika Dance Unique captures and delivers the spirit of Dance styles of the African Diaspora.

Our aim is to preserve and share the finest traditions of African dance and Music through research, education and entertainment and to celebrate traditional African culture, aesthetics and values as resources to encourage optimum interracial cooperation, cross-cultural understanding and societal analysis.

WE SPECIALIZE in African Dance (Performance and Workshops) African Music (Drumming Workshops) Story telling sessions and workshops, learning the style and techniques of African Theatre Tie and dye (A piece of a designed cloth for each to take home) and much more...